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Digital Mailbox

What Is A Digital Mail Box

What is a Digital Mailbox? - A digital mailbox enables mail recipients to receive postal mail and packages at the remote mailing address of their choice and then view and manage their mail with a smartphone or from a computer. A digital mailbox may be for personal or business use.


View and manage postal mail and packages remotely, 24/7 from anywhere, using our  website. See mail as soon as it's received! 

Convenient virtual digital mail service curtailing mailing or delivery short-comings and providing privacy for our customers. Services are available to businesses or individuals that don't have or have limited internet access. Visit us today, sign up and continue with other matters. 

Businesses -  Use your mailbox address to register your company, present a more professional image, protect your privacy, or create a presence in multiple markets.

Individuals -  Stay connected to your mail when away from home, and stop worrying about porch pirates.


Virtual/Forwarding Mail 

When emails or scans are sent to your email address with our company, the company by your directives holds such in place up to one (1) month for pick up or further directives.  These documents are printed/faxed/scanned for a fee at your convenience.  The mails can also be forwarded to a physical address, your actual home or business address you provide—which was hidden from your customers and clients.      


You can register here for virtual digital mail service for;


 Mail and Package Holds

 Open and Scan Mail (PDFs)

 Free Unlimited Online Storage


Physical Mail Drop 

We offer you the convenience of a physical mail drop service where you can drop or receive your mails or packages for a fee.

You can register online or visit us at 101 Vaitown Road, RIA highway, R-2 Community for a physical mail drop address, which means your mail will be delivered to an actual address other than your own home or business, our office then holds the package up to one (1) month for  a free pickup. Failure to pickup on time results to additional fees.


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  •     Individuals and families

  •     Small office and home businesses

  •     Entrepreneurs and start-ups

  •     Porch piracy and package theft prevention

  •     Expats and students

  •     Companies that want a presence in many markets


Virtual Mailing Address

With Digital Mailbox for me or my family. Starting at $30/month.


Virtual Business Address

With Digital Mailbox for My Business. Starting at $30,00/month.


Virtual Office

With Digital Mailbox plus phone and fax. Starting at $70.00/month.

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