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Digital Mailbox Address For Your Business


We have a physical location

Perfect for entrepreneurs or solo-professionals working from home who want to upgrade their business image, register their company, or protect their privacy.

local phone to your virtual mailbox for a complete virtual office presence.

View and manage your mail and packages no matter where you are, from your computer.

  •     Convenience -  View and manage your mail from anywhere, 24/7,  from any computer. Save time and money. Forward mail and packages to our address, request a scan of mail content, discard or shred unwanted mail.

  •     Value -  For as little as $30.00 a month ($1 dollar a day) you can have your own virtual mailing address for business or personal use with your private Digital Mailbox to view and manage your mail.

  •     Real Street Address -  That means you can receive packages from any carrier or use your address service to register your business, upgrade your company image, or protect your privacy.

  •     Customer Support -  When you have a question, just call or email us. Our Customer Service team at our home office in Monrovia is ready to help.

  •     Plans with Phone and Fax -  Only BGC offers Digital Mailbox plans with phone and fax (additional fees), so you can manage everything in one place.

  • Get Started Today.

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